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Emanuela de Paula for Dafiti Mag 2014

"What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace."

- Paulo Coelho (via psych-facts)

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Fenty Baudelaire Parker

"Be silent in a group of people
See what they reveal to you."

- Yoko Ono (via 3713)

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"We mistake sex for romance. Guys are taught that pushing a girl up against a wall is romance. Sex is easy; you can do it with anyone, yourself, with batteries. Romance is when someone you like walks into a room and they take your breath away. Romance is when two people are dancing and they fit together perfectly. Romance is when two people are walking next to each other and all of a sudden they find themselves holding hands, and they don’t know how that happened."

- John C. Moffi (via clublilly)

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